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Full Version: Yellow Page Marketing For Attorneys - Where Have Most Of The Calls Gone?
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Apparently, lawyers aren't the only ones. In his report 'Quit losing money on Yellow Page advertising' by Peter Fernandez, D.C., a yellow page, print advertising and practice management consultant for chiropractors, Dr. Fernandez answ...

I get calls weekly from attorneys saying theyre perhaps not getting calls anymore from yellow page advertising. Having done very well before, they are afraid to eliminate the advertising. They want to know what to do and what's going on.

Obviously, lawyers aren't the only ones. In his report 'Quit wasting money on Yellow Page advertising' by Peter Fernandez, D.C., a yellow page, print advertising and practice management consultant for chiropractors, Dr. Fernandez answers the question, 'Why has advertising in the Yellow Pages transformed from one of the most useful ways to market to one of the worst in only a few years'? (See 1, below)

This article will attempt to explain where most of the calls went. I believe lawyers began marketing in the Yellow Pages much sooner than on TV due to the cost; most lawyers were reluctant to become leaders of TV advertising; and lawyers were attacked by orange page salespeople, although not by TV salespeople. Because 1976 through the mid-1980s, classified newspaper adverts and the Yellow Pages were virtually the sole place a lawyer advertising could be found by a potential client. Identify more on the affiliated wiki - Hit this hyperlink: webaddress. Subsequently, attorneys advertising in the Yellow Pages did not have much opposition and had positive results.

A lot more lawyers flocked to the Yellow Pages which then became very crowded. I learned about click by browsing the Internet. In the last few years, and after a few leaders, many of the lawyers advertising in the Yellow Pages discovered what every other business has long known, that TELEVISION is by far both the best and cost-effective press. According to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR, from January 2004 through September 2004 attorneys have invested $287.3 million on TV compared with $11.4 million on radio, only $71.3 million on print media and $4.1 million on Internet advertising. Based on re-search done by the Television Bureau of Advertising, the public's understanding of television gets the votes for Many Authoritative and Most Exciting. Both powerful and influential, TELEVISION benefits over other media, in both classes, by way of a large margin among Adults 18+. TV results 81.8% inside the Most Influential group, with newspapers a distant 2nd at 8.5-inch. TELEVISION results 66.8% Most Persuasive with newspapers, again a distant second at 14.2%.

In the same way buying something wholesale or in large quantities, your cost per person reached from marketing is paid down once you buy press that reaches more people. Broadcast TV reaches many times more people than a county-wide yellow page book and thus costs not as per person reached. Inside the Nyc DMA (broadcast TV market), there are 29 counties reached by TV. If there is only one yellow page book in each district, you would have-to promote in 29 yellow page books to achieve the same geographic area as TV. Unfortuitously, there are numerous orange page books in each district. Smaller group orange page books make even less of a return on investment since they reach even fewer people. Many solicitors are finding out that for the cost of a full-page advertisement in just two county-wide yellow page books, you can advertise on TV with a budget and reach the population of an entire DMA.

To-day, due to the large numbers of solicitors advertising o-n TV, clients are now being diverted away from orange page books. Moreover, while in the field of accidental injury, the issue is formulated. Significantly injured people are often in bed in a hospital or at home watching TV. Potential accident clients are reached by lawyers advertising on TV a long time before they are able to also get to yellow page books.

When solicitors first started advertising, there is just one yellow page book. Now there can be three, four or even five county-wide yellow page books and several village, community or neighborhood yellow page books as-well. Some companies have also lost their place within the Yellow Pages because they signed an agreement with yet another yellow site book not realizing it was an alternative book and they could not afford two books. My aunt discovered How To Save Money And Get Discount Wellness Insurance coverage In Oregon Well by browsing books in the library. Just because a client will typically keep one yellow page book and dispose off the others, the issue an advertiser people is which yellow page book to advertise in or even to advertise in all of these. Can your advertisement maintain a yellow page book that's placed in the garbage? I keep just one book and it remains in the cabinet, seldom used. Today, I take advantage of the Web rather than a yellow page book.

While there is once only one Yellow Page book in town receiving 100% of yellow page advertising revenue, they are now losing a sizable share of this revenue to many competing yellow page guides, but their operating costs remain fixed. All of the yellow page book companies should produce and distribute the sam-e number of books. Until all advertisers promote in all three yellow page publications, the publishing companies have to increase marketing fees thus increasing the cost of reaching a yellow page client. In an attempt to boost income, orange site books have even begun creating new real estate to sell including advertising around the spine, covers, tabbed pages and even Post-it Notes style adverts. These large visibility advertisements also move yellow page people from regular full-page advertisements.

In other words, there was once only one yellow page book in town; it was cheaper to market in; there were fewer lawyers advertising within the book; there were several lawyers advertising on TV; the Net was not what it's today; and there were far more people using the Yellow Pages than there are today.

So what is just a lawyer regarding yellow page advertising? You might want to consider advertising in all of the yellow page books, if you are one of the 3 or 4 largest publishers in your market having an advertising budget big enough for a considerable TV advertising campaign including advertisements and radio. If you should be not just one of the greatest advertisers in your industry, my idea would be to your money o-n TV and to cease advertising in yellow site books. Visiting partner site seemingly provides suggestions you might use with your brother. If you have a 1-800 mirror phone number available and extra cash in the budget, you must also market on billboards and radio.